Euphoria Retreat

Mystras, Greece

Euphoria, in its original Greek meaning, is a state of happiness and bliss, a balance between mind, body and spirit. This year's most anticipated holistic and wellbeing hotel, is located in the heart of Peloponnese, at Mystras. A unique blend of ancient greek and chinese philosophies that is inspired be Byzantine domes and arches as well as water. Euphoria, a hotel whose fame has traveled all over the world and published on newspapers like "The Times", is composed by 45 rooms and suites, a retreat spa along with a sphere pool and the "GAIA" restaurant. 

al2, has provided a part of the furnishings for the rooms as well as for the common areas. The natural wood in combination with the earth colors conquer the place and emit the feeling of peace and tranquility. 

The goal of DEKA Architects and Natalia Efremoglou, to create the perfect environment towards the ultimate relaxation, has been achieved. 

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