Ikones Seafront Suites

Crete, Greece

Located in Rethymnon, Crete, the 5 star luxury hotel “Ikones Seafront Suites” is the ideal destination for couples. With a breathtaking view and amenities like spa retreat, fitness centre, and a gastronomic restaurant, this completely new hotel is designed by the architectural offices “Archgroup” and “Leventis Architects”.

Rethymnon, a Venetian city and one of the most popular summer destinations, deserves to be explored, as it combines tradition with picturesque views and amazing tasting menus.

al2 collaborated with "Ikones Seafront Suites" and provided the whole interior furnishings to the hotel. This includes public and custom furniture leveraging on the elements of natural wood and marble.

Ikones seafront suites” is the place where guests can combine relaxation with a unique greek experience. 

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