Company Profile

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For almost 8 years now al2’s main purpose is to produce unique, high-end furniture while constantly exploring new horizons and bringing new, innovative ideas to the world.


A family business, made in Greece, that wishes to have a contribution to the design universe with its ideas and philosophy, but also to introduce the high-end design to its own land.


The certified production of the company, with more than 30 years of history, the awarded designers and the experienced executives in the fields of international markets and communication, are the 3 main pillars of al2.

The company is committed to produce design pieces with the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail, but also to show the world what the international design has to offer. The combination of artisanship and advanced machinery is what makes each product unique.


Al2’s first priority is the human experience.

This is the main reason why all products are in conversation with the space and the people around it, creating a welcoming atmosphere dedicated to aesthetic quality and positive vibes.


Elegance, sophistication, innovation and excellence are the values that exist across the company and its products. 

Design solutions for interior home furnishing are offered, always with the guidance of an expert, ensuring that the results are extraordinary.